Profile of Neil Kristianson, Northam West Australia.


How did you first get interested in sheepdog trialing?

I saw a three sheep trial at the Quarading show grounds and thought that looked easy and went home to find out is wasn’t as easy as I thought.


When and where did you compete in your first trial?

Tarwonga was my first official trial


What dog did you use and how did you go?

It was a field trial and I won the Novice and the Open with a Kelpie called Barkervale Sam. The trial was judged by Pat Charlick and Christine Atherton.


What was your best dog? Name and Parents name.

Badgingarra Bra, her Dam was Badgingarra Lacy and Sire was Sherwood Bingo.


What do you enjoy most about dog training/trialing?

I enjoy training because of the results you get when you put the right effort in.  I enjoy the camaraderie from the other competitors and the competition, which is very challenging.


Whom do you admire most, or who has helped you the most in your trialing?

Greg Prince is one of the greatest dog trainers of all time and John Charlick keeps me on the straight and narrow.  Don Robertson was always available for a telephone help line.


What is your top training tip?

Self Control & Consistency!


What is the best advice you could give to someone just starting out?

Self Control & Consistency, and don’t get too many dogs.


Anything you dont like about trialing.

Abuse of dogs.