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A sheepdog training 2xDVD set which shows you how and where to start training your dog to work sheep.

This DVD set will guide you through the most difficult period in sheep dog training, even if you are a complete beginner.

It will explain vitally important factors such as sheep and dog behaviour and how to best set up a training area so training is as simple and straighforward as possible.

Although this DVD is filmed using Border Collies, it is also appropiate for Kelpies or other breeds of working dogs.

Whether you run a hobby farm or a large property these DVDs will clearly explain the natural instinct of the Border Collie Sheepdog, so with patience, determination and simple preparation you can train your dog to develop into a top class working dog, whether you plan to trial or just want to have better farm dogs.


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      Disc 1 Includes



* Choosing

* Adult or Pup?

* Registered or Not?

* Preparing

* Understanding

* Old Wives' Tales

* Confidence

* Pack Behaviour

* Working Instinct

* Pre-Sheep Training

* Discipline

* "Stay Close"

* Age to Start

* Problems, Problems

* Believe in Your Dog



* Get Legal

* Types

* Choosing

* Types to Avoid

* Understanding

* Flocking Instinct

* Moving Sheep

* Obtaining Sheep


Training Area

* Size (important)

* Small Enclosures

* Obtaining Land

* Area Preparation

* Avoid Obstacles

* Difficult Areas


The Handler (You)

* Fitness

* Useful Tools

* Basic Commands

* Hard & Soft Voice


Sheepdog Whistle

* Types of Whistle

* Features

* Basic Technique

* Whistle Commands

* Practising




Disc 2 Includes


Training Basics

* Starting Off

* Sheep Safety

* Getting Control

* Dog Circling Sheep

* Using Hurdles

* Stop the Dog

* Circle both Ways

* Teach Commands

* Short Outruns

* Keep Dog off Sheep

* Get Sheep off Fence


Improving Work

* Widening Dog Out

* The "Slingshot"

* Elementary Driving

* More Experience

* The "Look Back"

* No Hand Signals

* Longer Outruns




The time honoured (and probably easiest) method of starting a young dog is to use an experienced dog to keep the sheep in the middle of the field. But this method's of no use to beginners who don't have an experienced dog (or access to one), so in First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training the dogs are all trained . . .



Over the years, we've had hundreds of emails and telephone calls from people who are having problems during the early stages of training their sheepdog or farm dog. Quite often, these problems are not even mentioned in books or other sheepdog training DVDs. As sheepdog trainers ourselves, we decided to shoot a DVD aimed at beginners in sheepdog training who know very little about how to begin.


The most difficult period when you're starting to teach a sheepdog is normally at the beginning when things happen very fast and quite often, the dog is aggressive with the sheep. To the inexperienced handler, this stage is bewildering to say the least. First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training is the first sheep dog training programme to slow down these critical moments, examine them and explain just what's going on and how to control the situation and if necessary, curb the dog's aggression.


To demonstrate the vast majority of problems you're likely to encounter when you start to train your first sheepdog, we selected Border Collies with a cross section of the characteristics you're likely to encounter.


This DVD set is Different . . .


You'll See

things going well


You'll Also See

things going wrong


You'll Clearly See

the handler correcting the dog


and You'll Clearly See

the dog's response to the correction.


Oh! . . . and you'll also see

trainer and dogs enjoying themselves!

At one extreme, Zoe showed absolutely no interest in working sheep and at the other Kay was aggressive with the sheep and seemed to want to tear them apart, whilst Ray just wanted to trap them against a fence and stare at them!


Pro sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless shows it's not difficult to put the welfare of the sheep first and overcome these problems once you understand the cause. We filmed each dog going to the sheep for the very first time and at key moments throughout their training.


All three of these dogs (including Zoe) are now working regularly as sheepdogs.


The early stages of training a sheepdog can never be a perfect experience and in this unique demonstration you'll see things going wrong as well as things going well.


We deliberately include scenes showing training going wrong because there's never been a trainee dog (or trainer) that didn't make mistakes. So it's going to happen!


When things go wrong, Andy explains what the problem is, how to get bad situations back under control, and what you can do to reduce the risk of the same mistake happening again.



The video photography and sound in the training program are superb but there are no frills with this DVD. Much as we'd love to, we don't waste valuable training time telling you what a lovely part of the world we live in! As a beginner, you want a down-to-earth DVD to show you the best possible way to train your sheepdog using a natural method that you and the dog both understand. That's what First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training does.


This 2xDVD set's realistic but often "good fun" approach shows you how to get started with your trainee sheepdog, and how to keep the dog working and improving well once basic training is completed.


There's a special section on Blowing a Sheepdog Whistle, giving advice on choosing a whistle that will work for you and demonstrating how to master the art of getting a good sound from it! There are also examples of typical basic sheepdog whistle commands.



The size and features of the training area are very important, so Andy advises how to find and prepare a suitable field or yard to make training a sheepdog as simple and straightforward as possible.


Andy also introduces his unique "slingshot" method of sending a dog off wide to gather its sheep. Using this method, the dog actally enjoys going wider on its outrun - making it easy and good fun to teach a dog to go wide around the sheep.


Teaching a dog how to drive sheep seems to be a big problem for some handlers but Andy's very simple method gives the dog a very a gradual introduction to driving and means the dog hardly notices what's going on.


Important DVD Info

Run time: 160 mins +

Regions: ALL Regions

Video Format: NTSC / PAL

Language: English

Subtitles (Next Edition)

If you want to train a sheepdog but don't know how to get started, this 2xDVD set will be invaluable - and good fun to watch. Once training's under way, it takes you through the various stages of improvement, up to the very basics of driving the sheep.