Below are some links you might find interesting or informative.


Here is a great website from the UK full of information.  


Links to sheep dog associations.


West Australian Working Sheepdog association.


South Australian Working Sheepdog Association.


Tasmanian Working Sheepdog Association.


Victorian Working Sheepdog association.


Queensland Working Sheepdog association.




New Zealand Sheepdog trials association.


International Sheepdog society.


Working Kelpie Association.


Australian Working Sheepdog Association


I feed my dogs on Raw natural food, if you are interested in doing the same there is some excellent info in these sites as well as info on the dangers of a processed diet.


Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.)


Dr Ian Billinghurst.


Raw Meaty Bones.


Raw Learning.


Links on stockhandling.

I have attended a Sean Barret Stock handling school and can recommend it. Hope to have him back in West. Aust for a school early next year. Keep an eye on the events page.




Bud williams from America.


Sheep behaviour links.


Templin Grandin.


Wool innovation sheep behaviour and shed design.