Yarralonga Bella, Ramulam Leena and Dolly musterng the ewes for drenching. Feb 6th 2012
Ramulam Ginger. Kelpie 20 months old, working on stops and sides. By Robertsons Alanah out of Ramulam Leena
Kumbark Shamrock first time on sheep. By Kumbark Caleb out of Yarralonga Bella. 13 weeks old
Just Otto 6 months old. By Kumbark Caleb out of Just Bounce.
Kumbark Rocket, kelpie pup first time on sheep. 14 weeks old. By Andron Jake out of Ramulam Ripper
Kumbark Rebel, Kelpie pup first time on sheep. 14 weeks old, by Andron Jake out of Ramulam Ripper.
Christies Driftz, Yarralonga Bella, Kumbark Caleb, drafting the ewes and lambs.
My dogs mustering the ewes and lambs. Aug 2011
Just Otto, 4 months old, first time on sheep
Blaze 4 month old, First time on sheep
Kumbark Tambo, 13 weeks, first time on sheep
Ramulam Ginger 6 months old
Caleb, Dolly and Driftz drafting the ewes.
Bella, Rio and Jake working in the paddock.
Rio, Jake, Dolly and Leena mustering the shorn hoggets
Ramulam Spice 11 weeks old.
Kumbark Clover. 16 weeks old
Badgingarra Rio X Andron Jake pups
Rocky Blizzard 6 months old
Karuma Farm Sheepdogs at work.
Leena, Jake, Rio and Angel bringing in a mob for shearing.
Jake, Angel and Caleb Penning up the ewes for shearing
Jake, Driftz, Dolly and Rio bringing in the hoggets for shearing.
Rocky Balto 15 months
Kumbark Yindi learning to back the sheep. 13 months old.
Rocky Balto 8 months March 09
Caleb in the paddock. 2 years old Jan 09
Yindi in paddock with larger mob. 12 months old. Jan 09
Rocky Balto's first time switching on to sheep. Five months old. Dec 08
Kumbark Caleb penning the hoggets. Dec 08
Rio and Driftz penning the ewes
Angel working in the paddock
Lara, Driftz and Rio, moving a mob across the creek.
Caleb 19 months