May 10th 2012



As usual I am really behind in my blogs, but better late than never.

Life seems to get busier as one gets older.


On the farm we have had some lovely early rain recently and the paddocks are green and growing fast.

This is a welcome change from previous years when the rains came late and we had to feed sheep well into July and even further.  

So the tractors are busy going around in circles everywhere in the district, in hopes of a better year than the last few. Farming is difficult these times and city people simply don’t understand the stresses involved. 



Lovely to see such green paddocks early in May.














Otto and Zilla splashing in the first puddle they have seen for a long time.




















On the dog front, Ramulam Ginger is almost ready to trial. He still has a rebellious streak but is settling. He was really sticky when he started but is freeing up and starting to cast well, something I thought he would never do.



Ginger, showing off his high jumping skills, and nearly flattening Balto in the process.























Ginger much calmer.




















Just Otto stopped working for a month or so but has started again and at just over a year old is now ready for some training. He is also backing well in the yard.


Otto, displaying his sprinting skills.














Kumbark Rocket is balancing up nicely and is ready to take some commands. She lacks som strength but this will develop with age. She is also showing a keenness for backing.


Rocket enjoying an early puddle. 























And having some backing lessons.

























Her sister Rebel has been sold as she was not quite as classy as Rocket and I had to decide which one to keep. Unfortunately one cannot keep them all.


After having a few early issues Barru Zilla is showing some lovely work. She is very strong and has a lot of presence on sheep, so needs to work well off, something she has started to do naturally.


Barru Zilla.























Shamrock, my Bella X Caleb pups is simply not showing enough eye for me so is for sale. She is an adorable pup, full of character. She looks like being more yardy that paddocky but I expect her to be able to work in the paddock as she gets older. Details here.


Rocky Balto has had a few trials, but I am having issues with him coming off balance clockwise so we are working on that. Sheep at the trials this year have been difficult and a bit hard for a young dog, but the experience is good for him. (and me)


Balto enjoying a shake.
























Speaking of difficult sheep I have included a few photos of the sheep at the Wagin trials this year. They were wild to say the least. 





See all trial results and more photos here. 


We are having a break from trialling as we do this time of the year. The next trial is at Beverly. All trials dates are here. 


This year in WA we will be running the National Kelpie Field Trial Championship as well as the National yard competition. Details here.

 Very exciting as I have never seen this event. I hope to enter Caleb, Bella and perhaps Ginger if he is ready in the NKFTC. For the Yard event Caleb is really my only yard dog so may give him a go in that. It will be a challenging yard course.


On a sadder note I have made the decision to move Driftz on. She has found a lovely home with a family and in enjoying a quiet life. This was not easy for me but ultimately we must make the decision to do what is best for the dog. She is 9 years old and was not doing much work around the farm any more, so was getting limited attention. Now she is loved by 5 kids and gets to watch TV inside. As I said a difficult thing to do, but better for her.


We have had some problems with dams going salty, so, with advice from our excavator driver we have put in these huge drains around the front of the dams. They have turned out somewhat bigger than expected due to the depth of the salt. Well I can't imagine what willl happen if a pregnant ewe gets stuck in one, they are about 8-10 foot deep. I am pretty sure I wont be trying to pull her out myself.





And a few miscellaneous photos.




Yarralonga Bella and myself at the Tarownga Utility trial.


Thanks Sam Weaver for these photos.



Myself and Bella at the Ballidu Arena Trial.

Thanks Glenice Webb for this photo.




May 10th 2012