July 21st 2012

This is probably a record for the longest time between blogs, it has been a busy year, set to get even busier.

With the National yard trials and the National Kelpie Field Trials looming, time will be at a premium for the next month or so. These two trials are followed by two  three sheep trials one after the other. After that we will be flat out lambmarking for a week or two and at the end of September I will be flying myself and Balto to QLD for the Supremes. Very exciting for me as I have never done anything like this before. Time to widen my horizons before I get too old.


The season here in WA which started out so well has fizzled into one of the driest ever. July is usually our wettest month but we are almost at the end and everything is dusty, the crops and pasture is struggling and there is no significant rain in sight for the next 10 days or so. Very depressing especially to those who have endured a number of dry years and are struggling to make ends meet.

So lets hope August is a wet month or the summer will be bleak indeed. We have had many  more frosts than usual too and this has stifled pasture growth.


In June I attended a sheepdog training clinic with Faansie Baason, which I really enjoyed. The weather on the last day was not the best and as we finished up, one of the wildest storm ever hit the whole of the southwest of  WA. The damage was unbelievable. Our hosts Sam and Richard lost their verandah and those of us attending the clinic had to leave our caravans behind to get home. There was a tree on the road about every hundred metres or so, I have never seen anything like it. It took us a long time to get home.





Storm damage.


At home a tree fell on Caleb’s dog yard and flattened the fence. Fortunately Caleb was not in it, my husband having just taken him out a short time before. Every fence on the farm had trees on it, we spent days clearing them off. Even now over 6 weeks later, there are still fallen trees everywhere, some of which were huge. Something we did not need.


Calebs yard.


On the trialling front things have been busy. Ginger had a run at the Avon three sheep trial and did not go very well so back to the training board for him. Andron Jake returned  home again and I decided to run him at Avon too and he went surprisingly well for an 8 year old that had never trialled before. He is very calm slow and cautious and as the sheep were wild it suited him and he managed a very creditable score in his second run. Balto also found his feet a bit and was only a point away from a place in the improver. Results here.


I also ran Jake in the Utility event at  Binnaburra Yard and Utility trial and he ran well in they yard event, getting a run in the open final and finishing 5th. In the paddock work he was too slow and as the sheep were sticky he was less than impressive. 


Caleb was also impressive at the State Yard and Utility,   winning the novice yard and gaining a run in the open utility final. The new course suited him as he tends to anticipate too much and this gets me into trouble as he is often one step ahead of me and this does not work in trialling. We also won the John Charlick Patrons trophy for the best novice handler. I was thrilled indeed.


We have started lambing here at home and so far it is going well. However pasture is a bit short so we really need rain. Lactating ewes have a high energy requirement and without proper feed will battle to feed their lambs, especially as there appears to be a lot of multiple births this year.


And I have a new Kelpie pup. Bred by Gordon Curtis, she is by Badgingarra Solly, (Badgingarra KB Dec, X Ramulam Hannah) out of Binnaburra Jess (Binnaburra Tuff X Binnaburra Tina.)

I have named her Cheeky and it suits her. She is a bright happy little thing full of mischief. We have started her on sheep and she is wide and calm working, just as we expected.



Cheeky, getting a little spoiled by my Daughter.



My other dogs have had little training, the only trouble with so many trials is that there is hardly any time left to train young dogs. As much as I am enjoying them, I look forward to a break and getting my young ones going better.









July 21st 2012