September 29th 2011


My blogs are getting further and further apart it seems, have to get my act together.

I did however spend a lovely week at Dowerin for the Supreme Championships. I met some interesting people, learned a lot and watched some great dogs. It was lovely to really catch up with friends, and as usual talk dogs, as there was no TV and no internet.

See full report, results and links to photos
It was the longest break from the farm for me in 20 years of marriage.

My dogs performed better than expected, seeing as they were just doing farm work two days prior to the event.
In the novice Caleb worked beautifully but just before the pen he did a farm dog trick and crossed, but I was happy with his work anyway.
Leena stuck on the cast but got around them, worked calmly, and almost penned. She just wasn’t listening as well as she should have been, but it was the best she had worked all year.
In the improver event Caleb managed to pen the sheep, and although he did not get a big score I was pleased.
Leena once again stuck badly on the cast, and the sheep ran behind her before she could get around them. It’s a problem that a number of dogs have, and no-one seems to have any real solutions.

On the farming front we have marked all the lambs and achieved almost 103 percent, very pleasing considering the drought we had last year. The rain has continued this year and feed and water is plentiful, so things are looking a lot better for the summer.  We have done most of the jetting and will soon start to shear some of our sheep. Then we will get fairly busy for a while. I still hope to get to the last two trials for the year, Marg river and Albany but it depends on puppies and farm work.


Driftz, Dolly and Bella bringing in the mob.


Caleb persuading the lambs and ewes to go through the gate.



Bella and Caleb in the yards.


I have put my two pups on sheep for a second look. Otto, my Caleb X Just Bounce pup looks quite special, fairly strong eyed, calm on sheep, and quite strong.
Blaze, the BC I bought on impulse from the auction, is also very calm and relaxed around sheep. He appears fairly soft and not that strong but is not  fully switched on yet.
Scarlett is quite small so I will let her grow up a bit more yet.
Ginger is working well, and Balto is making progress but can still be a real handful at times.



Scarlett, hard at work.


I put Andron Jake over Andrew Gorton’s lovely kelpie Ramulam Ripper and she has produced 8 nice pups. I will keep two females from this mating as somehow I have ended up with too many male dogs, and only a couple of breeding bitches.


A Jake X Ripper pup.
























And after I gave up on getting pups from Bella, last season I just ran her with Caleb not expecting much, she actually appears to be in pup. Amazing really, as her seasons were all over the place. But as I took no notice of the date I have no idea when they are due. Hopefully they wont clash with a trial.

And my daughter celebrated her 13th birthday with a sleepover, which was fairly quiet until she unwrapped the nerf gun I bought for her birthday. But they did have fun with it, as did we all.


The girls enjoying some water play.


Well trialling is almost over for another year, but will crank up fairly early next year, so I really must get some training done. Yeah Right!


And some photos of the scenery, the crop and dogs being silly.




Capeweed flower and Driftz's feet after working in the capeweed.







Ginger and Blaze in the crop.


A glimpse of Driftz in the oat crop.






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September 29th 2011