Feb 15th 09




Not a great deal happening on the farm lately.

Unfortunately Angel did not have any puppies but had us all fooled with a phantom pregnancy.

So I will try again with her at a later date.


The weather has been unbearable, I do not enjoy this time of the year.

Consistently high temperatures, and high humidity means we get our jobs done early and stay inside most of the day.

Caleb and Balto have been getting a bit of training, and are both going well. Caleb just loves to work close and try as I might I can not get him to widen out. Perhaps as he gets older he may naturally widen out a bit but I am just working on getting a good stop on him for the moment.

Balto is going quite well and settling down but still has his feral moments.




Blizzard is nearly ready to work, judging by her display with the chooks the other day. She was very naughty and I recall Balto being the same at that age, so at least I know what to expect. She has gone through a nervous soft period to emerge as a full on ‘ready to take on anything’ pup.

So I have my work cut out getting a good handle on her. She is a little more biddable than Balto was though. I am looking forward to trying her on sheep for the first time.

She has rather odd ears, one half stands up making her look strange.















The rams went out with the ewes on Valentines day, very romantic for them I am sure.

They looked keen anyway.



















The first trial of the year is at Esperence starting on the 19th of Jan.

A bit too far for me to drive so I am hoping to get to the Wagin Woolerama on the fourth to the sixth of march for my first trial. Not sure which dogs I will trial, depends who is having puppies and who isn’t, but I hope to give Caleb his first try on three sheep. Should be interesting.













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