December 28th 2011

Another year over, hard to believe really, time does go faster the older one gets.
And speaking of older I will be 52 tomorrow, not that I am really looking forward to it but as the saying goes, you are only as old as you feel really. Not sure how old I feel but certainly not 52.  I think the dogs keep one young.

The weather has turned suddenly hot after the mildest start to summer ever I believe.
Not to mention the wettest on record for some areas.

We only had 60 mils but some places around Narrogin and Williams had over 200 mls of rain. It did huge damage, washing away fences, paddocks, roads, bridges and livestock. It also destroyed some lovely crops. Our huge oat crop doesn’t look the same, it is yet to be harvested, so hopefully there is some grain still on the heads to pick up. A shame really as the season had finished well and the summer feed and crops looked the best ever. The joys of farming.




Our oat crop nearly flat.





































Water in the Williams Narrogin area.















Shearing has been and gone. All went well but our wool cut was way down due to the earlier dry conditions.

Pups have kept me busy. Rocket and Rebel, the Andron Jake X Ramulam Ripper pups have started work and look quite impressive, see videos of them on the video page.

I have three left in the Yarralonga Bella X Kumbark Caleb litter and I will probably run them on. They are lovely pups. Too early to start them yet and they were a little small.
And we have finally thought up names for them. The red and tan girl is Fern, the black and tan girl is Shamrock and the black boy is Minty.  They are also, sadly, horse killers, see below.









Barru Zilla is just starting to switch on, but not a lot to see yet. She is also a lovely   

pup, friendly and smart.

We had a bit of a training get together and had a look at a few young dogs. There are some nice young kelpies coming up. With the Kelpie nationals on in WA this year it is quite exciting.

See details and dates of the trials and all WA trials on Andrew Gorton's website



Ramulam Jock. (Ramulam Jacko X Ramulam Tammy.)


















Binnaburra Lil. (Whites Fella11 Binnaburra Jess.)



















Binnaburra Kel. (Binnaburra Johnny X ) Binnaburra Sasha)













Just Murray. (Kumbark Caleb X Just Bounce.)


















This one is by New Zealand Heading dog Kiwi Knight out of a kelpie bitch.

Some names have escaped me. (Age perhaps)

















Kiwi Knight X Boylee Stephanie.































Yarralonga Solo. (Yarrralonga Blue sky. X Cagella Kinda.)



















Ramulam Rum. (Ramulam Jacko X Pomander Lilly.)



December 28th 2011