19th July 2008

Can't believe it is nearing the end of July already, the year has flown.

We have been busy crutching all the wet ewes, so the older dogs have had some work, but the pups are a bit neglected. Angel had her first go at driving a big mob of sheep, and did a lovely job, once she she realised what was required. She is very biddable and easy to control.

Lara has weaned her pups and most have gone to their new homes. There is still one red and tan male left, a nice little guy. I have kept the biggest male and named him Tonka after a horse I once had. It is a good name actually as his father is called Axle. All the pups should be fairly soft and trainable, as they are bred that way. Lara is back into work but still unfit. I have entered her into a trial soon but she will just have one run.

Drift is entered as well but I am not sure about her in field trials, she is so hard to control on a trial ground. Such a shame, she is my best farm dog, she gets the job done, in the yard or with a big mob.  She is good however in a yard trial.

Rio is going fairly well, but like all my dogs she need finishing off. I am a bit lazy when it comes to the more finer details of trial training. Can be a bit boring.

Both Driftz's pups, Kimba and Yindi are going quite well, but no need to do too much yet. Just working on a good stop and getting a bit of distance around the sheep.


We have had rain, rain and more rain and the ground is pretty waterlogged now. It is wonderfull after a couple of dry years. So plenty of feed and fat sheep.

We have commenced lambing and things are going pretty well so far. We have yet to crutch all the dry ewes and the wethers, this will happen soon. Then we do the lambmarking, jetting and then into shearing. As usual we get really busy on the farm just as the trialing season kicks off. Oh well! Already missed one trial when we were crutching, so will probably miss a few more.  Perhaps when I retire I can trial more. (Fat chance)









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