Oct 12 08

Well as the weather warms up the blowflies come out in force so we start jetting the ewes and lambs in earnest.

It is quite labour intensive. The lambs are first drafted out from the ewes and the ewes are run through a jetter one at a time. The lambs are too small to be jetted this way so they are put into a race and sprayed with a large sprayer.

We have one mob of sheep that we have culled out to sell and as they are not jetted a number of them are flystruck already. So that is my job. I cut the struck one out with the motor bike and the dog then holds it up so I can catch it and treat it. I have used Driftz, Dolly and Lara for this but Driftz gets a little excited. I prefer Dolly as she is not a trial dog and too much of this can upset them for trial work but she is nearly eight now and a little slow sometimes, so I must train another dog for this. Lara lacks the strength to hold them up sometimes but can do the job ok.

Also with the warm weather is the joy of having two or three wet dogs on the motor bike with you, when they have had a swim in the dam after moving a mob. Can be a bit of a shock if you have only a thin shirt on, but on a really hot day quite cooling actually. And on a cold day nothing like a warm dog at your back.

We had a few friends over last weekend and it was great to catch up with Phil and Jane Dorrell from Bremer bay down south. They have recently purchased two dogs from the Tully Williams Campaspe lines in the Eastern States and we were keen to see them. We put them on sheep but they are a bit young yet to work. They look like nice pups and we will be eagerly watching them when they start. We tried a few other pups, Balto and Zinc showed no interest, neither did Sam Weavers new pup Just Esme (Boylee Ella x Grass valley Tippy) she purchased from Andrew Gorton. Tonka bounced around a bit and barked at the sheep and was quite keen but I will give him another month I think to get his confidence up.

Ken Atherton has some nice young dogs and we appreciated his coming as he has a lot of experience breeding and training dogs. Phil Dorrel has a dog by Kens New Zealand Heading dog Kiwi Knight. Patch is going quite well, in fact Ken suggested that he was too good for Phill and he should have him back but Phill did not agree. LOL.

Jane also has a nice B/C from Frank Sutherland, which is where I got Balto. Dusty is by Swagman Clancy out of Glenview Cloudy. He is a great farm dog but is yet to trial as he is only about 19 months old.

Another dog that is working nicely is Richard Mcguires young B/C by his Boylee Fred out of the imported ISDS Bitch Tig who is owned by Mike Scott. Tig has trialed a number of times here and initially found it difficult because of the crossing rule as they allow driving in the Uk, but is working better now.

It was great to see Jenny Parsons from Tenterden. Jenny also has a wealth of experience and is excellent at reading the body language of both handler and dog, and has many different ideas to help sort out problems. She helped me get a stop on Mango as she was being a bit difficult and I was pleased with how quickly she learned. She is stopping well now and has settled right down. I have put up a new video of mango.

Also stopping well now is Yindi. With some help from Ken and Jenny, Sam is handling her a lot better and Yindi is listening well.

On the Sat it was quite wet and windy so we did not get a lot of training done but we were happy about the rain. Any moisture at this time of the year is great for crops and pastures.

I have used Angel in the yard a few times and she is improving all the time, she shows more strength than Rio but lacks cover and needs to gain more confidence about taking commands.

Balto gave me a fright just recently when he came down with some serious gastro. So he spent two nights at the vets and lots of fluids and anti-biotics. I really thought I was going to lose him but he seems ok now. Pups can be so vunerable. He is such a lovable little guy despite his biting which is improving. He is more like a cat really, he loves to weave around your legs and cuddle close.

I snapped a great photo of Driftz and a lamb in the yard, I put it in the gallery but have also included it here as it looks better larger.


 Drift as she becomes a hurdle for a recalcitrant lamb.



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