Dec 22nd 08

Just a short diary today, with some puppy working news.

My friend Andrew Gorton visited on the spur of the moment and I decided it was time to start Balto and try Zinc again. It is always more interesting to train with other people.

Balto sniffed for a while and just as I said 'he is not ready yet', he saw the sheep and was away.

Lovley block and cover and nice square movements. Very full on though which I expected as he is a high energy pup. Tried to balance up but just wanted to have fun for a while which was fine as he was not biting.

I was quiite pleased with him, and managed to catch him quite easily, which I thought might be a real problem as he can be quite naughty about that at times.

Zinc was not really interested so I let him watch Andrew working his dog which fired him up a bit and when I put him in he showed quite a bit of interest. He is still not that focussed though and turned away a few times. He did show some nice moves in between disinterest so I was happy with him too.

I also worked Yindi with 20 sheep and she was great, nice little dog, ready now for some real farm work.

Mango worked ok but needs to build a little confidence as she is not keen to walk in and confront the sheep.

Andrew had two pups from his Boylee Bella. Grassvalley Tippy litter. Nice pups but neither ready to work yet.

These pups are full sisters to Sam Weavers Just Esme who is working nicely. See for video of Esme.


Harvesting had a major interuption with 20 mls of unwanted rain in a downpour which washed away roads etc. Things are drying out now though and we should get a start tomorrow, and hopefully finish before christmas.

Hope all my readers have a lovely safe happy christmas and spare a thought for Jesus, the son of the living God.

Without Him there would be no Christmas at all, something many people have forgotton.


And some snaps of my dogs having fun

Dogs in the dam.

 Caleb eyeing off a duck.






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